SNYPEX X-Wing SPA1 Universal Smart Phone Adapter Review

Rather than using a standard camera, one of the most convenient and easiest ways to get into either digibinning or digiscoping is to use the camera on your smartphone – as you will most certainly already have a phone and probably always carry it about, all you need is an adapter to connect it to […]

SnapZoom Universal Digiscoping Adapter Review

The popularity of smart phones and thus the increase in competition has meant that they have improved almost infinitely since they first came into almost universal usage a decade or so ago. The great news for us is that this has also meant that the cameras on most of them now easily match the quality […]

Carson Universal Smartphone Optics Adapter Review

It was not that long ago that you really had to search quite hard, or possibly even make your own contraption in order to attach a camera to take photos or video through your binoculars (digibinning) or your spotting scope (digiscoping). But with the growth in use of smart phones and the improvement in quality […]

Kowa TSN-IP4S iPhone Adapter

Kowa iPhone 4/4S Digiscoping & Digibinning Bracket If you are interested in digibinning (taking photos through binoculars) or even digiscoping (taking photos through a spotting scope) and you own an iPhone 4 or 4s, the camera on your phone just got a whole lot more useful. This is because Kowa have produced an adapter that […]

Digibinning: Meopta MeoPix iScoping Adapter

Digibinning & Digiscoping with your iPhone Meopta USA recently announced their new MeoPix iScoping Adapter, that allows you to connect the iPhone 4 or 4s to almost any binocular or spotting scope eyepiece. The MeoPix thus transforms your Apple smart phone into a long-range photo and movie capturing device. The MeoPix iScoping adapter is approved […]

Digibinning with Swarovski EL’s & Snapshot Adapter

Many people have asked me about the Snapshot adapter that works with Swarovski EL or SLC binoculars. Rather than try and explain it, I will let Dale Forbes, the Marketing Manager for Swarovski Optik in Absam, Austria show you how as he uses the snapshot adapter and his pair of Swarovski EL binoculars to photograph […]